How to use mixable oil paints

I like to paint on larger canvasses and the size of the one in the image is approximately 60cm x 80cm and as you can see my first work using mixable oil paints was not the best. I found the paint very difficult to move around the canvas. It absorbed into the canvas more so than acrylic paints making it difficult to keep the brush on the canvas for very long. This meant the brush strokes remained short which I found frustrating.

I also noticed the yellow was difficult to mix with other paints, it continually ‘separated’ from the other colours – not just in the palette but on the canvas too. I think the reason for this is that I added too much water and that these paints work better with less.

When I washed the paint brushes I noticed a greasy feel coming away with the paint which I haven’t experienced when I wash acrylics. I added washing up liquid to clean the brushes and this worked in removing the grease.

I haven’t given up working with these paints but have decided to try again with a smaller canvas and using less water to mix the paints. I did find the colours very true to original oil paints in their richness and for this reason will persevere – watch this space for more.