Flatbread Feasts

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Simple Meals With Natural Ingredients

This book shows you how to make your own flatbreads. They can be thin and crispy or fluffy and soft. They can be transformed into pizzas and wraps or stuffed with your favourite ingredients. Learn how to make naan, wholemeal flatbreads, corn flatbreads and rice/chickpea flatbreads through clear step-by-step guides. Whether you’re looking for a new and delicious start to your day, a healthier quick light bite, or preparing a fuss-free dinner, you’ll find the perfect recipe in this book. Buy a copy today.

Whether you cook for a family or for one, the recipes in my book, Flatbread Feasts, are simple and easy to follow. They provide clear step by step instructions and lots of images to ensure success each time. You’ll notice that most of my recipes are either vegan or vegetarian but there is a smattering of meat-based meals too. And best of all they use only natural ingredients.

If you’re looking for new ideas or want to add to your repertoire of meals, buy the book today and discover how flatbreads are a versatile and healthy alternative to traditional loaves of bread.