Celebrate National Poetry Day!

Yes, it’s National Poetry Day! The theme this year is Choice! We’ve been asked to Choose a Poem. And I have chosen a poem called, That’s Unbelievable! by Alan Richardson from his book called: There Are Hats….Fun Poems for Children.

That’s Unbelievable!

Some people say, "That's unbelievable,"
About a thing that's quite achievable.
They mean they simply "can't imagine,"
And that can be solved by taking action.
When we use our imagination,
Our dreams never go into stagnation.
Our hopes won't slip into hibernation.
They instead become our future foundation.
To build something no-one else has ever seen.
Expect perhaps within a dream.
For them it was a glance in passing.
A moment fleeting, a shadow dashing.
For us it was, it was forever lasting.
An idea forming and details blasting.
That thing that was before unreasonable,
Now becomes a thing quite teachable.
That thing that once was ours alone.
Can now be shared, and now be shown.
And when we help our imagination grow,
Where it will take us, we can't know.
Until we get there, then we'll see,
We've constructed a better reality.
Because that thing that once was unbelieved,
Is now a thing that we have achieved. 

Want to read more poems full of jollification and fun? Buy your own copy of There Are Hats.… It’s a poetry book for those of us who enjoy rhyming verse. Poetry lovers who have bought the book and read the poems say:

  • What a fabulous book of little poems. Easy to read, with lovely illustrations. Would highly recommend it. It’s reminiscent of Spike Milligan and Dr. Seuss but with its own unique flavour. LOVE IT!!! (Tracey KELLETT)
  • I bought this book to give out to my 9 year old son’s friends at his birthday party instead of a party bag and they all loved it. Entertaining little poetry book which children will find enjoyable and shows kids that poetry can be fun. (BP)
  • This book will delight both children and adults. The poems are rhythmic, the writing avoids the usual pandering one finds in much poetry for children, and the illustrations are evocative and charming. There is a very slight macabre edge to some of the entries (think squished bugs) which will entertain older children and have them reading and re-reading the poems to their friends. Over all, this is a fun book which will capture the imagination of both reader and listener. Is this part of a series? If not, it should be. (GL

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