How to practise drawing at home without a model

Have you ever had an exciting idea for a piece of work, rushed to your desk, picked up a pencil, grabbed your sketch book and ……stopped? Do you wish you could find a site that has a range of images of people/landscapes/animals to sketch? Are you tired of trawl ing through online images looking for inspiration or for an image to interpret?

Artist’s models pose clothed, nude and in costumes.

I recently discovered two excellent sites that I now use regularly to help me draw. and are two excellent reference sites. Whether it’s people, animals, landscapes or vegetation, there’s plenty to choose from.


Both sites are great for warm-up activities. They both offer the option for timed drawings, from 30 seconds up to 300 seconds. If it’s people you want to draw, then you can select clothed, nude, face, hands, feet, whether you want a view from the side, front, top bottom or select female or male. And if you are unsure about what you want to draw, simply select the ‘random’ option.


If I’m beginning a drawing of a woman and have in mind a side view of a woman seated. I will select these options with 30 seconds for each image and I draw. If there is an image I like and would like to use for a drawing, it’s very easy to press the pause button and draw a more detailed image.

Images of urban and country landscapes

If it’s landscapes you want, there is a plethora to chose from. Whether it’s gritty city scapes or undulating fields; craggy mountains or windswept beaches, there is a broad choice of images. All the images are clear and professionally produced, providing depth and interest and clarity, which makes them perfect for the artist.

Give them a go – whether you want to warm up before drawing; practise drawing gestures and poses or to use a pose/landscape/animal as part of a piece of work, these sites are the perfect place to go.

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