Drawing doodles

This is a fun exercise to get your creative juices going. Gather the following materials and a minimum of two people:

  • pencils
  • paper

Each person draws a shape on a piece of paper and hands it to the other. The person who receives the sheet of paper with a shape uses their creative abilities to turn it into a drawing that makes sense.

Yesterday, my son and I spent half an hour or so at our dining room table playing with shapes, doodling and drawing. We laughed and giggled as our shapes became more and more obtuse and demanding. As the ‘game’ continued we found ourselves trying to draw more difficult shapes for the other to work with. And each time we surprised ourselves as each shape was transformed into something meaningful.

Below are just some of the doodles and drawings we completed. I’ve presented our work in two columns with the doodle on the left and the image created from the doodle on the right after their transformation. Hope you have as much fun looking at these as we had drawing them.

Have a go too – it’s fun, challenging, creative and will surprise you!