Taking your work to local galleries

It’s probably worth researching galleries before turning up with paintings-in-hand, as I did. I visited two galleries in one day and could not have had two more contrasting experiences. But before I describe these, I must express my surprise at how willing the gallery-owners were, to discuss my work. They both offered invaluable feedback and were encouraging, friendly and most of all – knowledgeable. Their knowledge extends beyond painting and creativity, they have a keen understanding of the local art market and are in tune with the latest buying trends. I learned so much from them.

The first gallery was small and exclusive with more modern paintings and a selection of photographs too. Every item in the room was carefully placed to give maximum impact. A quiet and peaceful environment redolent of a London gallery in Dover Street W1. This gallery is very keen on new and modern talent with paintings that have strong narratives along with a little quirkiness. The second gallery is the antithesis to the first. It’s crammed full of paintings, jewellery, a few sculptures and they offer a framing service too. There’s something in here for everyone – oils, acrylics, large, small, traditional and modern. If you’re looking to buy, it would be impossible to leave without something in hand.

Visiting these galleries and speaking to the owners were experiences that left me with so much to think about and do. Being introduced to a buyers perspective brought a new dimension to my understanding of the local art market. I recommend it to all who want to sell their work.