Creative Drawing Session at the Maltings, St Albans

A hardy band of creatives made their way through wind and rain to the Maltings Arts Theatre on Sunday and stepped into a sunny Californian set, where model Rowena started the session looking fresh out of the crowds of the 1969 Monterey Pop Festival.

We began with some short 5 minute poses to get our creative juices working and then onto some longer poses. The music kept us going and the music of Eric Burdon transported us from the wind and rain to a ‘warm San Franciscan night’.

By the time Rowena was into her second long pose, the pencils were moving fast and furiously to Hendrix’ All Along the Watchtower and there were some fabulous pieces of work displaying some seriously raw talent.

Daniel, our second model, looked excellent as he hitched a ride to Woodstock and joined us for the second half of the drawing session. His long hair and beard were perfect for the session’s theme and when he sat with the bongo drums for his final pose, he cut an excellent figure to draw. All in all we had a very good creative drawing session. The combination of music, props and great models produced some lovely work.