Seven steps for a successful solo exhibition

1. Contracts

Ensure you have read and understood the contract between you and the host venue. Be clear about the commission charges for any sales and any other charges too. Also, be clear about how you will be paid and how soon after the exhibition ends.

2. Measure

Visit the space and measure the display area. Take a good look at the walls and ask which types of fixtures are best for hanging items. Take lots of photos of the space so that you can think about where items will hang and draw up a plan at home.

3. Opening times

Get a full list of venue opening times, including any lunch time closures. This information is important when friends ask to visit – you don’t want to disappoint.

4. Marketing

Send messages via all social media channels with the dates of exhibition. Ask the venue how they will market your exhibition and request a link to your website/blog from their pages. Prepare leaflets and business cards to leave at the exhibition.

5. Sold Items

What is the procedure when an item is sold? Does the buyer wait until the end of the exhibition before collecting the artwork? How are payments made to you? Ensure you have a Certificate of Authenticity to go with any sold pieces.

6. Display

Ensure you have enough time allocated to you for hanging/displaying your artwork. You will be surprised at how long this can take. Remember to take with you, your own step ladder and drills etc. Prepare a bag a few weeks in advance of the exhibition and each time you think of something you might need on the day – add it to your bag. There is nothing more frustrating than having to return home for something.

7. Feedback

Find someone at the venue who can give you feedback, during and after the exhibition. For example, if you’re exhibiting in a cafe, get to know the people who work there. They will give you a comprehensive list of comments made about your work by visitors – good and not so good!

But most of all enjoy the exhibition. It’s a great learning experience and if you sell your work, it is an incredible feeling – and a little addictive too…….