Creative Drawing

Creative Life Drawing in St Albans

Before COVID 19, I ran some fun creative life drawing sessions in central St Albans in a theatre space. Artists and sketchers were invited to draw models dressed to themes for example, a 1970’s Disco Dancer, a Circus Character and a Post-Apocalypse Vigilante. Although the sessions were aimed at younger people, a range of people attended, whether they wanted to improve their drawing skills, to start life drawing, or return to drawing, they joined us. Our costumed models, with music and props, created a theatrical vibe in a relaxed and playful environment. The sessions were good fun and successful in bringing together people of different ages and backgrounds. The sessions came to an end when the theatre decided to redecorate the space and we had to discontinue the events.

Below is a flavour of the events with some links to details of the drawing days.

Past Events

Post Apocalypse Vigilante

The Earth’s civilisation has collapsed from the effects of a catastrophic world-wide event. And those humans who survive are profoundly different. Amongst the gangs of bandits and outlaws there are a few survivors who understand what it takes to operate in this brave new world. At October’s theme: ‘Post Apocalypse Vigilantes’ we drew, sketched and listened to our dramatic music playlist which included Gorecki, REM, Zager and Evans and a track or two of heavy metal!


1960’s Music Festivals

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As an homage to the iconic festivals of the 1960’s; the Isle of Wight, Monterey and Woodstock we celebrated the end of this year’s music festivals by sketching and drawing to the sounds of Jimi Hendrix, The Kinks, Joni Mitchell, The Byrds and more. READ THE BLOG

1950s Vintage

car vehicle classic american

During a lovely Summer’s day we sat for a couple of hours listening to some great 1950’s tracks which transported us to to the days of bobby socks and vinyl records.